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Lawrence F. Labanowski & Associates practices in many areas of civil law in state and federal courts and in arbitration.  
Oil, Gas & Energy 


We provide counsel and representation to oil, gas, and energy industry clients, including Fortune 500 companies, multi-national, and independent oil and gas companies, and numerous oil and gas exploration, production, refining, pipeline, marketing and investment businesses. We work throughout Texas and other states, and our knowledge and experience allows us to handle a wide range of energy industry disputes, to understand our clients' businesses, and to deliver results. We represent our clients aggressively, while acting with efficiency and maintaining a dedication to the highest professional standards.  

Our lawyers have worked on many energy disputes, including: 

  • Disputes relating to contractual arrangements, such as AMI agreements, purchase and sale agreements, exchange agreements, drilling contracts, joint exploration and operating agreements, leases, preferential rights and right of first refusal agreements, gas balancing agreements and processing agreements, oil and gas royalty obligations, representations and warranties, purchase price adjustments, well drilling obligations, force majeure provisions, right of first refusal provisions, trade secret protection, contract termination provisions, indemnity obligations and corporate and partnership governance issues.

  • Business tort disputes including tortious interference, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, director and officer liability, misappropriation of trade secret, civil conspiracy and deceptive trade practices.

  • Disputes involving allegations of environmental contaminations, surface damage claims, personal injury or property damage, and numerous other claims relating to oil and gas operations.


Tax Law


We have significant experience in the resolution of contested tax matters at all stages: examination, administrative appeals, and trial. Our lawyers have experience representing clients in various industries including energy/oil and gas, technology, construction, employment firms, as well as individuals. 



We have extensive experience in handling a wide varienty of substantive tax issues, including challenging tax penalties and defending tax collection actions.  We provide representation at the administrative level of the Internal Revenue Service, as well as at the appeals and collection levels. Our lawyers have also assisted in the representatation of individuals and companies in criminal related tax defense, including assisting clients to correct past filings, even in the absence of a pending government investigation.  We also have experience in sensitive audits and representation in IRS criminal investigations.  



We provide counsel and representation on issues regarding county and state property taxation on matters governed by local appraisal districts, including:

  • Commercial and industrial valuation

  • Business inventory valuation

  • Exemptions for Interstate Commerce and Goods in the Stream of Commerce

  • Audit corrections

  • Appraisal errors


Our goal in representing clients in contested tax matters is to resolve the matter as early in the process as possible in a manner that achieves the economic objectives of our client and does not needlessly impair their ongoing relationship with the tax authorities.  

Commercial, Business & General Litigation & Contracts


We recognize that legal disputes disrupt both businesses and personal lives. Our firm is committed to zealously advocate on our client's behalf. We represent a wide range of businesses, families and individuals in litigation, arbitration, mediation, and appeals, and provide assistance with a broad range of civil, commercial, and business matters, including:

  • general contract disputes

  • disputes between co-owners of businesses

  • disputes arising out of acquisitions and divestiturers

  • property damage

  • personal injury claims

  • insurance claims 

  • torts, including business torts, such as tortious interference, fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition

Partnering with our clients, we  prepare our cases in the most cost-effective manner and make compelling presentations of even the most complex subjects. 

We have significant experience in transactional matters, representing a wide range of clients.  By thoroughly researching and carefully negotiating and drafting our clients' agreements, we seek to clarify our clients' interests while avoiding future disputes. Our attorneys use their litigation experience to accurately define and set out the rights and responsibilities of all parties to an agreement so that all parties are clear about their obligations and benefits under the contract.


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